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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Makmende Breakfast

How to prepare the ultimate Makmende breakfast
The question that came to my mind when i heard about this Makmende hoolabaloo was, can he cook? certainly not as good as me, but then if he is that awesome, what cant he do? he should try one of my recipes and lets see if he survives.
Any way, I thought I should make one special dish for this Kenyan man, should be a nice power breakfast for him or any daring makmende fan.

 -one whale-live
-kryptonian rock
-sukari nguru
-a sack of maize cobs
-chemical x

1. kill the whale by drowning it
2. stuff it with some high quality Kryptonian rock and maize cobs from the rear
3. marinade the whole thing with the chemical x and sukari nguru to add flavour
4. cook it in a makmende size sufuria and serve on an original makmende saucer
5. That should do it! if the dish is not salty enough, some gun powder will come in handy.

This should get this Makmende guy going for the better part of the morning, Bon apetit Makmende!


  1. Tihihihi!.... the gun powder sounds really nice